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WCT Memories 3

Every production has a story to tell. Thankfully, there are no perfect productions. Tricks are played. Lines are forgotten. Props don't work. The weather doesn't cooperate. Those incidents can be trying at the time but they become part of history of the show and the theatre. Winfield Community Theatre has it share of stories to remember and these pages are for that. These memories are not in any special order and are based on member's submissions. If you have a memory to share or want to add to what had been written, please use the form at the bottom of each page.
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The Diary of Anne Frank - 1971
In The Diary of Anne Frank, during one performance, the zipper broke on the back of the dress of Anne Frank's mother while she was onstage. She had her face to the audience and another person on stage quickly put her shawl over the back of the mother's chair to cover the gap in the dress. This "stopgap" sufficed until the end of the scene.
Dracula - 1995
In Dracula at the very beginning of the show, one of the actors had to make his way from the balcony at the Barn down to the stage. One night his cape hem got caught on a seat arm, and he had to stop to get it loose. He needed help from the young woman sitting in that seat. He was made up and smiled with his teeth barred. When he asked her for assistance, her screen could be heard all over the theatre.
Bell, Book and Candle - 1997
In Bell, Book, and Candle, the actor playing Shepherd Henderson was stationed at the door for his entrance. He heard what he thought was his cue line and confidently came on stage - but he was too early! So he simply looked at his watch - mimicked "being too early" and (no doubt with an embarrassed look on his face) sheepishly went back out.
Doubles - 1996
In Doubles,the actors portrayed tennis players, with the set being a men's locker room - complete with metal lockers. Each night there appeared a variety of "unscripted props" in the guys' lockers - a skull, fake lizard, plastic snake, Playboy pictures, etc. Nobody knew what to expect.
The Jury Room - 1997
In The Jury Room, a unique scenario for helping a fellow actor was used. One of the "old women" - her character was a constant reader - had the entire script taped in her prop book. When someone forgot a line, a question to prompt the actor quickly followed and can in handy several times.
A Few Good Men - 1995
In A Few Good Men, a prank was pulled on one of the two young Marines standing trial. Itching powder was put on his hands. During a tense courtroom scene, the actor - handcuffed, sitting front and center - pulled one hand out of his cuffs to scratch himself and then casually put it back in - much to the chagrin of the director.
Deadly Ernest - 1996
In Deadly Ernest, in one scene the Aunt Ethel character was to holler up the stairs for Henry Gilcrest to "come down here right this minute!" Henry was at the top of the stairs as requested - but offstage - allowing him to make funny faces, sticking out his tongue, doing jumping jacks, and other such silliness. Ethel couldn't look directly at Henry for fear of not keeping a straight face.
The Curious Savage - 1972
Rehearsal was not going very well approximately a week before opening night of The Curious Savage The director was upset. There were a number of people on the set watching the rehearsal. One of the actors was suppose to say, "I'll have Dr. Emmitt give her a sedative!" Instead, the actor garbled his line and said, "I'll have Dr. Sedative give her an enema." The audience was stunned, the director threw her script in the air; and there was nothing but laughter for 15 minutes, after which rehearsal continued.
The Jury Room - 1997
In The Jury Room, an actor was to throw a knife at a door and stick it. The knife stuck every night during rehearsal, but it never stuck during any of the performances.
Exit the Body - 2004
A certain actor has been known through the years for various tricks and practical jokes. In Exit the Body, one of the gals went to the library and there he was behind the door and away from the audience. He was sitting on a toilet, which he had brought on stage, and he was reading the Winfield Courier.
God's Favorite - 1998
In God's Favorites, one scene called for the father to deliver a long, serious soliloquy on the important "lessons of life" to his alcoholic son. During the speech, the son would nonchalantly pull out a flask from the sofa cushion, behind the pillows or wherever else it had been hidden - and take a swig or two - unobserved by the father but not by the laughing audience.
Beyond the Horizon - 2002
in Beyond the Horizon, the actor playing the boat captain was to enter on the cue line. "Here comes the Captain now" but one night he did not show on stage. So one of the quick-thinking sons said, "I'll go see what's keeping him," ran of-stage and got the actor, who then came on saying, "Boy, that was some hill to climb - it took me a while."
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   Sometimes the best parts of a production happen off stage, during rehearsals, or when the cast and crew are just hanging out. We want to remember all those stories. If you have a story you want to share, please use the form below. We will add it to this page.

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