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WCT Memories 4

Every production has a story to tell. Thankfully, there are no perfect productions. Tricks are played. Lines are forgotten. Props don't work. The weather doesn't cooperate. Those incidents can be trying at the time but they become part of history of the show and the theatre. Winfield Community Theatre has it share of stories to remember and these pages are for that. These memories are not in any special order and are based on member's submissions. If you have a memory to share or want to add to what had been written, please use the form at the bottom of each page.
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Flaming Idiots - 2004
In Flaming Idiots, a "dead body" was located in the walk-in cooler. To bring the body out, the "Carl" character was to grab a tablecloth and an office desk chair. All went fine until Carl caught part of the tablecloth in one of the chair wheels, which prevented it from rolling. Eventually the tablecloth was extricated, but not until after a very anxious moment.
Mame - 1970
During the final performance of Mame, the director, Dr. Don Gibson, had leave suddenly to deliver a baby. The cast and crew were hoping that the baby would be names Mame or any other character in the cast. They were disappointed to learn later later that the baby was names Angela.
The King and I - 1971
In reporting about the Tuesday night performance of The King and I the Oxford Register stated as follows: "Leaky roofs and wet feet haunted Tuesday night's performance. The stormy weather put a damper on everything. Several lead characters had colds and the flu, and stepping barefoot in puddles backstage, didn't improve matters at all (since the play was set set in Siam, now known as Thailand, many of the characters were barefoot during the entire performance."
Doubles - 1996
In Doubles, the actors portrayed tennis players, with the set being a men's locker room - complete with metal lockers. Each night there appeared a variety of "unscripted props" in the guys' lockers - a skull, fake lizard, plastic snake, Playboy pictures, etc. Nobody knew what to expect.
I Do, I Do - 1972
During I Do! I Do!, one of the characters was supposed to sing about his marriage and then the play was to move on. This character skipped a whole verse of the song he was supposed to sing so he was never married.
Wait Until Dark - 1971
In Wait Until Dark, here was suppose to be a fire in the ashtray. The ashtray was moved and there was none. Therefore, an individual tried to remedy the situation by reaching through the back of the set with a cigarette lighter to start a fire. The flame came back and burned her hand.
The Petrified Forest - 1998
Because the audience was higher than the stage, painting the stage floor was part of every performance at the Barn. The Petrified Forest was set in a cafe and the stage floor in the Barn was painted to represent large black and white tiles with enamel paint. Several shows later, the tile outline could still be seen through many layers of paint from later shows.
Guys and Dolls - 1967
Guys and Dolls, Sandi Platt Ellis - "I was a Freshman in college when my Dad was in the production of Guys and Dolls. I drove home one weekend in order to see him in the play. Knowing that my parents gave us music lessons because neither of them had that opportunity as children. I was mystified at the thought of hearing my Dad sing in the production. Not having been at any of the rehearsals, I never knew what the actual blocking was, but when my Dad sang his song (that was suppose to be sung to Sarah) he was looking sraight at me and I swear I saw a tear in his eye."
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   Sometimes the best parts of a production happen off stage, during rehearsals, or when the cast and crew are just hanging out. We want to remember all those stories. If you have a story you want to share, please use the form below. We will add it to this page.

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