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Meyer Hall Construction

   We want to thank Arlan Anglemyer for taking the pictures of the construction process. Arlan was the liaison between the WCT board of directors and the construction crews. Meyer Hall was a hard hat zone and this is the only way any of us got to see the theatre before it was completed.


The Process

The Beginning: December 16, 2002

The stage from the back of the theatre
The Stage from the back of the theatre.
From the stage.
The theatre from the stage.
The stage.
The Stage
The stage from the balcony.
The stage from the balcony
Stage left.
Stage right
The stage and left aud. from the balcony.
The stage and left side of the theatre.
The back of the theatre.
The back of the theatre.
The balcony and part of the aud.
The Balcony and part of the auditorium.
The dusty balcony.
The very dusty balcony.
The balcony from the stage.
The balcony from the stage.

Demolition: December 30, 31, 2002

Stage left with diagonal wall gone.
Stage left from the front of the stage, making room for stairs.
Stage left
Stage left.
More stage left
More stage left.
Look ma no seats
The house from the stage with seats removed
House right with scaffolding
Auditorium as the scaffolding goes up
The construction Foreman is talking to a HVAC and an electrical contractor.
Architect, John Heckman is on the right.
Dressing room
Will be dressing/green room under the stage.
Have to find the footings for the new stairs to the stage.
Deeper dressing room
Still trying to find the bottom to put in the footings.

January 2003

Rock Bottom
There is a bottom!
Stage where stairs will go
Off stage left where the stairs will be.
Stage with the stairs and prosecenium
The stage with the stairs, paneling, and proscenium gone.
Stage demolition.
Stage demolition with the HVAC unit on stage.
Stage demolition, more.
Stage demolition with the understage open.
Base of stairs in dressing room
The new concrete base for the stairs from the stage to the basement dressing room.
Working on the walls.
Balcony construction.
Balcony with leveling for storage and light booth floors.
New Balcony floor.
New balcony floor.
Balcony from scaffolding.
Balcony from the scaffolding.
From Stage to light booth
From the stage, through scaffolding, to the light booth.
Light booth.
Light and sound booth.
The stage.
From the balcony to the stage with new wall.
Light booth.
Light and sound booth with storage cabinet.

February 2003

The stage showing the upper connecting room.
Another view of the stage.
The stage right.
Stage right
Electrical dimmers.
Installation of light dimmers.
Back of House.
Back of the house from the stage.
Extended stage
Extended stage from the front. You can see the old stage underneath.
Stage from side.
Extended stage from the side
Stage from balcony.
The stage from the balcony

March 2003

Building out from the wall to allow for insulation and curtains.
Light booth walls.
The light booth now has walls
The prosecenium from Aud.
The new proscenium from the audience with new speaker installed
Proseceium from stage.
The new proscenium from behind.
Dry wall
Dry wall on side wall of stage.
Day wall prceceium
Dry wall on proseceium.
Part of the stage with walls
The stage with walls.

April 2003

Dry walling.
Dry wall installation.
Dry walled stage.
The stage with dry wall.
Wall Paint
Wall colors. The lighter color is the all over color and the darker is the accent color.
The stage painted.
The stage goes basic black.
The new ceiling from the stage.
More ceiling.
The ceiling from the light booth.
trim going up
The new wood trim going up.

There is a little gap between the completed theatre and the pictures you see here, but things got a little crazy with finishing up the construction and getting "Fiddler on the Roof" on stage for its opening night. But thanks to the dedication of SMR Builders, Arlan Anglemeyer, and the cast and crew of "Fiddler on the Roof" we made it.

To see the completed theatre please follow this link!