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Barely Heirs

By David Lassig

Directed by Tracy Flippo

April 22, 23, 29 and 30, 2016


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13-14 mask All Jane needs to do to collect her inheritance is to get married and wait six months - simple enough. But who wants to go through the hassle of finding a husband? Jane's friend Tom as agreed to pretend to be her spouse for the afternoon so that Jane can stay single and keep the money for herself. Everything is set to go off without a hitch, and by suppertime, Jane should be rich. That is IF Tom shows up on time, IF Jane can get rid of Tom's real wife, Claire, and IF she can distract the pool boy and the botherson police office who keeps stopping by unannounced. Yes, the whole plan should still work out as long as Jane keeps thses people, along with the interior decorator, the nurse, and her ex-boyfriend away from her meddling mother who just "happened" to stop by. Will Jane lose everything or just barely pull it off?

Produced by special arrangement with Heuer Publishing.

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